My roommate and I were both active members of student media at Kent State University. When we started classes at the KSU Florence campus we both found ourselves missing our outlet for expression, especially as we were bombarded with constant life changes. We decided to create A VOI Magazine. "A voi" in Italian translates to "to you all" in English, we want a way to express everything behind the Instagram moments we felt like we'd been sold. 


I was a founder, co-editor, and the art director for the first issue of A VOI Magazine. 


A VOI Volume 2 Spring 2018

A VOI Volume 3 Fall 2018

My roommate and I created something that lived on beyond our 5 months in Florence. Seeing these new issues warms my heart. I can't put into words how much them continuing on the legacy means to my roommate and I. And we hope that this experience allowed them the outlet to show people what Florence REALLY is.



My article was titled "Florence be Kind to Me." It was about one of the opportunities we were granted in Florence. Our documentary filmmaking professor had the opportunity to film a music video for the local band unePassante. The song being featured was called Florence Be Kind to Me.

I immediately identified with the song. I had a rough transition or my first few weeks in Florence. I was able to sit down and chat with the lead singer Guila and we identified similar experiences in our time in Florence. 

She expressed that you needed to crack the hardened exterior of Florence to get to see the realness and the life that truly lives in the city. 

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